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Company was established at 2011 but experience with show business production is dated since 2008. Between 2008 and 2010 I builed, managed and premeditate Kamienica Theatre at Warsaw.

I was leader of team that planed and complement house rider for that venue (lights, sound, multimedia, LX, FOH, orchestra pit, stage, audience). Between 2009 and 2011 my responsibilities as Deputy Director of Kamienica Theater was running financial aspects of venue, but most interesting tasks was role of executive producer of 15 theater performances.

Greatest achievement of that period– creating 150 persons fully professional venue crew.

In 2011 I established 4BB and I start cooperation with Universitatis Varsoviensis Foundation that manage three most recognized music industry venues in polish capitol: Palladium, Proxima and Hybrydy.

My task was to create events division responsible for planning, organization and realization of closed events for business industry.

Greatest achievement as PR &  Event Marketing Director – rising income profit share of that branch from 5% to 50% of total foundation income.

Since 2011 every year I`m in managing crew that is responsible for producing, planning and realization of tens of cultural events. Between them the biggest is Student Festival of Warsaw University, Student Festival of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw and Ursynalia – SGGW Student Festival. Each of that event gather around 15k participants, totally close to 100k fans taking part in 6 independent events.  Each event lineup guests at least 5 top polish artists. Each event is mass event.

My biggest professional passion is music industry.

Since 2015 I`m privilege to be local promotor of My Music Taste concerts in Poland.

Since 2018 I have opportunity of extending that cooperation as European Tour Technical Director and supplier executing tour technical rider (light, sound, multimedia).

It is most important to give back to universe part of joy that you receive. I`m trying to fulfilling that duty each year by taking part without any fee in variety of charity events as producer or consultant.

4BB company range of services:

  • Comprehensive production management (tours, concerts, events)
  • Tour planning
  • Theater performances production
  • Optimizing production costs
  • Rental organization – full scope of production
  • Public Relations
  • Legal and fiscal aspects of tour production in Poland
  • Tickets distribution

So … if you are plannig tour at Poland or Europe and need local reliable support you can reach me via whatsapp or email.



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